Thank you for your interest in joining our 6th annual basketball tournament hosted by Renegades Basketball Club. We are hosting this tournament in honor of Tyler Yamagishi who past away from cancer seven years ago.

Our goal is to bring teams from different parts of the Peninsula to compete with each other. By playing against a team that is not in their league, teams get to experience different styles of basketball.

Tyler loved to play basketball especially with his teammates at  school. At a very young age, he understood the meaning of TEAM by learning the fundamental skills to make him an outstanding player as well as making his teammates better.

Tyler is survived by his parents, Ted and Jen, as well as his younger brother, Jacob, who played with our Renegades Team since 4th grade. He is now attending college.

If you would like to make a small donation on behalf of Tyler Yamagishi, please
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Tournament Schedule
6th Grade Girls Champion- St Dunstans
6th Grade Girls- St Matts
5th Grade Girls- St Dunstans
5th Grade Girls- St Catherines
8th Grade Girls Champion- St Johns
8th Grade Girls- Bowditch
8th Grade Girls- St Catherine
8th Grade Girls- Ralston
7th Grade Girls- St Timonthy
6th Grade Boys Champion- St Veronica
6th Grade Boys- Carey Eagles
6th Grade Boys- SF Associates
6th Grade Boy- FC Flyers
8th Grade Boys Champion- Crocker Vikings
8th Grade Boys- Parkside Panthers
8th Grade Boys- St. Finn Barr
8th Grade Boys- Bowditch
8th Grade Boys Champion- Bowditch
8th Grade Boys- Black Dragons
7th Grade Boys- Good Shepard
7th Grade Boys- Abbot Falcons
Tournament Rules
(Updated 1/5/2023)
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Tournament Schedule
(Updated 1/5/2023)
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